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With their unmistakable happy Sammy smile and characteristic twinkling eyes, the Samoyed can be the perfect family dog.

Having a generally happy-go-lucky and very social nature a Samoyed is often the lowest maintenance of the arctic breeds.

Samoyeds are usually friendly to all other dogs, preferring to have a friend to bounce around and play with. Samoyeds can happily co-exist with smaller breed dogs and would be best suited to another dog of similar energy level.

Children can bring out the Samoyeds excitable and playful side but with training a calm Samoyed can be an excellent friend for a child.

A minimum of 30-45mins of exercise per day would be ideal for most Samoyeds. Like all arctic breeds they can become strong pullers on the lead if they are not trained to walk nicely. 

Samoyeds can prove to be the loudest of the Arctic breeds. An excited Samoyed will often bark with a high pitched and rhythmic bark during play. A bored Samoyed can develop an unwanted barking habit so it’s important to ensure your Samoyed is provided with adequate mental stimulation, particularly before and during long periods of being home alone.

Daily grooming is a must for the Samoyed. Its thick long coat needs regular brushing to prevent the fur matting and to check for any objects, which may become intertwined in the fur.  Brushing will also help to keep their coat white, as dried dirt will fall off the coat when brushed.

Samoyeds are often slightly less stubborn than other arctic breeds and many owners have success in integrating a cat with their Samoyed or training them to walk off lead. As always the earlier this training is started the better and it will require some time and commitment to see results.

Samoyeds do require a securely fenced yard however they are not the Houdini’s that some other Arctic breeds are, 5.5ft fencing is often adequate.

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