Private Rehoming FAQs

What is the private rehoming service?

Read all about it here.

Who can use the private rehoming service?

Owners who need to rehome their dog and are residents of Victoria. Please note you will need to be the legal owner of the dog to apply for our private rehoming services.

Does it cost me money?

No, there is no cost to use our rehoming service.

Your dog does need to be de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and flea & worm treated, costs may be involved if your dogs vet work is not up to date. We can help with subsidising vet work at our partner vets if needed. 

Can you help me so I don’t need to rehome my dog?

We would love to! We are happy to consult on any issues that are preventing you from being able to care for your dog. This might include:

  • Providing advice or recommending a trainer to help with undesirable behaviours
  • Organising subsidized vet work for a major surgery
  • Providing insights into why/how your dog is escaping and how to stop it
  • Recommendations for temporary and emergency care
How long does private rehoming take?

It can be as quick as a week or as long as a year for a suitable applicant to come along. We cannot guarantee or predict a timeframe. Generally younger and female dogs are adopted quicker, pairs and cross breeds generally take a lot longer. 

Why can’t you take my dog now?

We are not a shelter and we rely on a spot being available within our network of foster carers to take a new dog into our care.

How is a new home found?

Applicants must fill in an adoption form and are screened for suitability by our experienced coordinators. 

Do I get to meet potential adopters?

Yes, once a suitable application is received a meet between the potential new family and yourselves will be organized. In rare cases of interstate adoption this may not be possible. 

What happens if it doesn’t work out with the new home?

If the dog needs to be returned during the two-week trial period you will need to be prepared to take the dog back unless you have previously arranged otherwise with us. 

Where does the adoption fee go?

The adoption fee helps us recover the costs involved in the rescue and rehoming service we provide. You can see the costs involved in running our organization here.

Private Rehoming

We are sorry to hear that you are facing the challenging decision of rehoming your dog.

Rehoming Form

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