Foster Application Form

Foster Application Form

Your expression of interest to foster a dog with Arctic Rescue Victoria Inc.


Foster caring is not a means to get familiar with a breed you have not owned to help you decide if it’s the breed for you.
Any applications that do not have arctic breed experience or meet all the requirements will not be considered.

Our requirements for fostering are quite strict, as our dogs need a foster home with breed experience where our dogs can receive the appropriate support and training that will prepare them for integration into a permanent new home, and help them overcome any behavioural issues they may have.

Our requirements for foster carers are:
• arctic breed experience, preferably with the breed being fostered
• a reasonable sized, secure yard with at least 6 foot high fencing and adequate shelter
• commitment to ongoing training
• over 18 years of age
• reside in or close to the Melbourne metropolitan area
• able to transport the foster dog to meetings with prospective adopters, vet visits, events etc.

The applicant must be the home owner, or registered tenant on the lease if renting, and must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. If you live in a rental property you will be required to submit a signed approval from your landlord.

We will require proof of residential address (eg. copy of electricity bill, drivers licence) as part of our foster approval process.  Please email a copy of the proof of your residential address, permission from your landlord if you are renting and photos of your yard to

Please read the requirements above carefully – if you do not meet all the specified requirements, please do not apply.  We receive many applications for each dog and will only consider the applicants that meet our requirements and who submit the requested documentation and yard photos.

Please complete all questions and provide as much information as possible.  Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the our requirements will not be considered.
PLEASE NOTE: The form will not submit unless you fill in all the required fields.

Foster Application Form

Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia (required)

Have you ever owned an Arctic breed before? (required)

Do you currently own any dogs? (required)

Are they vaccinated?

Have you ever had to surrender or give away or re-home a pet you have previously owned? (required)

What areas of your home will the dog have access to? Select all that apply

Is your yard secure with at least 6 foot high fencing? We will also require you to email your yard photos to:

What type of ground cover do you have in your yard? (tick all that are relevant)

Do you have experience dealing with any of the following training or behavioural issues in dogs?

If your foster dog would benefit from group obedience training would you be willing to attend a 4 or 6 week course, one day a week, paid for by ARV?

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