Adoption Application Form

Adoption Application Form

Your expression of interest to adopt with Arctic Rescue Victoria Inc.


Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from Arctic Rescue Victoria!


We don’t want to waste your time, so please read the dog profiles carefully and only apply if you meet all the dog’s requirements.  If you aren’t sure, please contact us.

There are always exceptions, but the standard requirements that apply to many of the dogs we list may include:

• a reasonable sized, securely fenced yard with fences at least 6 foot high, preferably dig-proof
• arctic breed experience
• no cats, other pocket pets or animals on the property
• children to be at least primary school age

Of course all dogs are different, so not all our dogs will have all these requirements.

If you meet our requirements, please complete all questions and provide as much information as possible.   Applications that are incomplete or do not meet all the requirements are not able to be considered.

Please note that we will require proof of residential address (e.g. copy of electricity bill, driver’s licence etc.) as part of our adoption process.  Please email a copy of the proof of residential address, signed landlord approval and yard photos to

Once we have your application and photos, our Committee will then review your submission.

Please note:  The applicant must be the home owner and must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident over 20 years of age. If you live in a rental property you will be required to submit a signed approval from your landlord.

PLEASE NOTE: The form will not submit unless you fill in all the required fields.

Adoption Application Form

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Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia (required)

What type of residence do you live in? (required)

Is your home owned or rented? (required)

Are there currently any other dogs living at your residence? (required)

Are the other dogs living at your residence up to date with vaccinations? (required)

Are the dogs currently living at your residence desexed? (required)

Have you owned an Arctic breed before? (required)

Do any cats live on your property, or do you intend to get a cat in the future? (required)

Are there any other animals on your property? (required)

Have you ever had to surrender or give away or re-home a pet you have previously owned? (required)

What areas of your home will the dog have access to? Select all that apply. (required)

Do you currently have a doggie door? (required)

What is the ground cover in your yard (tick all that are relevant) (required)

Is your yard fully and securely fenced? (required)

Will you walk the dog on or off the lead?

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