Mya was adopted in 2021

Type: Siberian Husky
Age: 5 year old
Sex: Female
Pair: No
Special Needs: No
Only Dog: No
House Trained: Yes
Health: Vaccinated, desexed


Mya will need:

  • An all-female household – Mya can be a bit nervous around men
  • Any children must be calm and gentle with dogs
  • No cats, pocket pets or other animals
  • Must have a confident, calm companion dog of similar size
  • Someone experienced with anxious dogs who can work to build her confidence
  • Daily walks, always on lead
  • A reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
  • Secure 6 foot high fences and gates
  • Homes with arctic breed experience, preferably with nurturing a nervous dog, will be given priority

Please do not apply unless you meet all Mya’s requirements

Mya, Mya, Pants on Fire is this little Husky girl’s full name!  Because when she gets scared, that’s how she runs!

This incredible dog needs a very special home.  Mya’s life before she came into care with ARV was very isolated and she finds new people very intimidating and her default behaviour is to run and hide.   She has made huge improvements in her confidence over the past 6 months and is now a happy, affectionate, cheeky girl that loves her walks, car rides and a good game of bitey face with a fellow canine companion.

As much as Mya has blossomed, she will never be the bravest of souls and is terrified of men.  She currently lives in a house with a male, and is happy enough, but is much more relaxed and confident without a masculine presence.  For that reason, we are looking for a calm, stable home that does not have a permanent male resident.

Mya is very comfortable around kids (but is cheeky and like to steal their snacks!) and needs another confident adult dog in the household to help her be brave.  Her new family must not care that she does burnouts when scared and will scratch any floorboards in the process.  She loves her crate and feels safe and secure there, and it will need to come with her. Mya will still occasionally have a toilet accident inside, as she has only recently become an inside dog after 4 years of living outdoors in a run.

Mya will need a gradual introduction to any new people and her new home over a number of meet and greets.  She is looking for someone who understands her limitations, but will also encourage and guide her forward.

For all her issues, Mya is a very easy dog to live with.  She learns routine very quickly, spends most of her day sleeping, has the softest fur imaginable and her whole body wiggles when she’s happy.

If you have the patience and commitment to take on this beautiful little redhead, please apply now!

Mya is not available for interstate adoption.

Microchip # 953010001052697

To apply to adopt Mya: Adoption Application Form 

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Pet Exchange Register Source Number: EE100304


Adoption Fee: $450