Marli - 5 yo female Malamute
Marli - 5 yo female Malamute
Marli - 5 yo female Malamute
Marli - 5 yo female Malamute

Marli has been adopted!

Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Age: 6 years old
Sex: Female
Pair: No
Special Needs: Yes
Only Dog: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Health: Vaccinated; wormed; desexed

Marli will need:

    • any children to be in their teens, or younger children who are used to large dogs
    • no other dogs, cats, pocket pets or other animals
    • daily walks, always on lead
    • a reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
    • fences and gates will need to be at least 6 foot high, secure and dig-proof
    • Homes with arctic breed experience, preferably with Malamutes and anxious dogs, will be given priority


This gorgeous girl is one of a kind and looking for a very special family to make her own.

Very affectionate, Marli would like someone up for cuddles, pats and who will tell her regularly how awesome she is.

While initially this sweet girl may be unsettled in new situations, with simple guidance, empathy and direction, she adjusts quickly and will happily take over the couch.

Marli is an absolute clown that delights in engaging with her people, however she will need a very patient, routine-based home that can give her the stability she thrives in.   Due to her anxiety in certain situations, she is currently on a very low dose of calming medication which we hope she may no longer need once settled in her forever home.

Marli is used to being around kids, but due to her size, any little ones and their parents must be experienced with both the breed and managing their interactions.

Like a typical Mally girl, Marli can be very selective in her canine companions and care will need to be taken around other dogs.  For this reason, she will do best in an only dog environment with an experienced handler as she can be quite reactive towards other dogs when out on her walks.

Marli has quite a strong instinct to hunt and chase which is another reason walks must always be on lead.  This also makes her unsuitable for homes with cats or other pets.

Marli will need a secure yard and access to inside when the family is home, although she is also happy to chill out on her own in her yard.

If you meet Marli’s requirements and have the patience, experience and space for this amazing Malamute in your life, please apply!

Marli is not available for interstate adoption and is not suitable for apartments, homes with small yards or rural areas.

Microchip #953010001732817

To apply to adopt Marli: Adoption Application Form 
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Adoption Fee: $450 now $250


Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304