Loki & Zelda

Ralphy - 2yo Husky boy
Ralphy - 2yo Husky boy
Ralphy - 2yo Husky boy
Ralphy the Husky

Breed: Alaskan Malamutes
DOB: October 2016
Sex: Male & Female
Pair: Yes
Special Needs: No
Only Dogs: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Health: Vaccinated; wormed; desexed

Loki & Zelda will need:

    • A home where they can stay together
    • Any children to be in their teens
    • No other dogs, cats, pocket pets or other animals
    • Daily walks, always on lead
    • A reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
    • Fences and gates will need to be at least 6 foot high, secure and dig-proof
    • Arctic breed experience, preferably with Malamutes


Zelda and Loki have come back to us after we thought they had found their forever home, but sadly they are now needing a new family again.

These two besties enjoy being inside dogs with a family who is around more often than not.  Loki can be very cheeky and make his own fun in the backyard if given the means and opportunity, but he is also very good at putting his inquisitive nature to good use and learns new skills easily.

Zelda prefers to take a back seat and is the more chilled of the two, her happy place is getting cuddles and being told how gorgeous she is!

Loki and Zelda are both big, strong and true to Malamute form, don’t really appreciate the company of other dogs.  They require a family experienced with the breed that can manage a multi dog household, are physically capable of handling large, excitable dogs and are committed to their ongoing training.  While they love kids, their size and excitement means they are only suitable around secondary school aged children.

They love their daily walks and will need a confident handler that can help them remain calm and under control when they see other dogs.

Both dogs love to dig a hole to lay in, so their new family can’t be too concerned about having a pristine garden, plus they loooove doing zoomies and rough housing and will need a decent sized backyard.

They will also need the usual requirements of a secure yard with dig-proof fencing that is at least 6 foot high, and undercover areas for shelter from the weather.
Loki and Zelda would love to start their new lives ASAP, so if you meet their requirements, please apply today.

Loki & Zelda are not available for interstate adoption and are not suitable for apartments, homes with small yards or rural areas.

Microchip numbers: 953010000216438 (Loki)  953010000223381 (Zelda)

To apply to adopt Loki & Zelda: Adoption Application Form Adoption Application Form
To sponsor Loki & Zelda please go to our Donate page.
Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304

Adoption Fee: $500 for the pair