Humphrey - 9 year old Malamute boy
Humphrey - 9 year old Malamute boy
Humphrey - 9 year old Malamute boy
Humphrey - 9 year old Malamute boy

Humphrey came to us via the team at Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS), who took him in and cared for him despite his medical issues and being terrified of strangers.

Once we had him in our care it wasn’t easy to earn his trust, but he eventually realised a scratch under the chin and tummy-rub from the food-provider wasn’t such a bad thing, and he dropped his guard.

It’s heartbreaking when we come into contact with beautiful souls like Humphrey whose lives could be so much improved by just a bit of love and attention, and by getting the medical care they need when things aren’t right.

In his first few weeks with us Humphrey had a few trips to the vet and a barrage of tests done to work out what was causing his hair loss, excessive urination and drinking. Unfortunately, as suspected, poor Humphrey has Cushings disease, but at least now we have confirmation of what we are up against and can help him with medication.

Over the coming months Humphrey will be tested regularly to monitor his Cortisol levels, and hopefully his quality of life will improve and he can regrow some fur!
Sadly, the long-term outlook for Humphrey isn’t great as medication can only relieve the symptoms and the disease will continue to progress, so he will be remaining in our care for however long he has.

But for now Humphrey is enjoying life, and even though we know we might not have him with us for a long time, we hope for him it will at least be a good time. 💕
For those who would like to support Humphrey and help with his medical costs, you can sponsor him through our website donation page.

A huge thank you to all those kind, generous people who have already sponsored and donated for Humphrey’s care. ❤️